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Recoil Management Lesson Part One

Recoil management is very mis-understood when it comes to a precision rifle. Sure most people will get the lingo down, like “driving the rifle” but they fail to connect the dots or understand the technique behind the phrasing.

The Prone Position with a Tactical Rifle

Shooting a tactical rifle in the prone is different from the old slung up position many see posted online. The angled body and bent leg is not used with a rifle with a bipod. We want to eliminate angles and shoot with our spine parallel to the bore of the rifle, and our shoulders perpendicular - straight across.

Introduction to Reading the Wind

The wind, on the range people describe the wind as the Great Equalizer. Next to your drop, drift from wind is the second most important consideration for the long range precision rifle shooter. Unlike drop, which is predictable, the wind is a constantly changing factor.

Interview with Bartlein Barrels

Rifle Cut Bartlein Barrels, Getting the inside scoop from one of the Premier Barrel Makers in the Country

Online Training Lesson - Sight Picture

The fundamentals of marksmanship are the building blocks to all good shooting. It's important to understand the fundamentals in order to successfully engage targets at distance.

Online Training Lesson - Fitting the Rifle

It’s important before we begin talking about the fundamentals of marksmanship we take a few minutes to discuss setting up your rifle. This can be the difference between success or fatigue. The closer the rifle is tailored to your body, the more comfortable you will be behind it. The rifle doesn’t care if you are comfortable, it will do the same thing every time base on your actions behind it.

Introduction to Moving Targets

Movers will exploit any weakness in the Fundamentals of Marksmanship


"For the Spartans, it wasn't walls or magnificent public buildings that made a city; it was their own ideals. In essence, Sparta was a city of the head and the heart. And it existed in its purest form in the disciplined march of a hoplite phalanx on their way to war!" - Bettany Hughes, Writer/Historian

Vickers Tactical Insane 2000m Shoot w/ AX338

Sniper's Hide with Vickers Tactical shooting the Accuracy International AX338 to 1 Mile & 2000m


Few military organizations or formations in history have evoked such fear, loathing, or grudging respect as the Waffen SS! Hitler’s elite private army, their role and history are highly controversial to this very day.

Accessing the Online Training

Sniper's Hide has been providing detailed online training videos since 2009. Aside from the Day One DVD, the online training videos feature instruction on how to master the fundamentals of marksmanship with the precision rifle. Each month we add more videos to our extensive library of videos.

Vortex Razor HD GENII 4.5-27x

Sniper's Hide reviews the Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x 56mm Tactical Scope